Industrial Products

An industry involves in economic activites concerned with processing of raw materials to manufacturing of goods in factories but for the smooth functioning from processing to manufacturing there is requirement of industrial products which make these procedures easy and saves time without wastage of money and covering costs.Industrial products are those products which are use for the purpose of producing finished products or services.This types of products are transported to every industry which engages in processing and manufacturing activities.Industrial products can be different as per the working nature of industry or what type of economic activity they are involved in.Industrial products can be of many type some are the following. Material parts: Goods that enters the product directly.The costs of these materials are part of the manufacturing costs.Material parts can be raw materials,manufacturing materials and components parts. Automation: It refers to the automatic movements of physical goods with high level of technology which reduces human interference in movement of goods from one place to another.It can be electrical,robotic or hydraulic. Food processing plants: This category invovles cannery,fish processing,food packaging plant,meat packing plant and sugar industry. Brewing: The activing of creation of liquor and beer from starch sources.It gives result to sweet liquid with yeast.Ingredients are water and fermentable starches.The steps invovled in brewing are malting,milling,mashing,lautering,boiling,fermenting,filteringconditioning and packaging. Logistics: Detailed organization which deals with implementations of complex operations.It is the management of movement from point of origin to point of consumption to ultimate consumers.It involves activites like inventory control&check,production,packaging,warehousing and transportation. Printing press: A process in which the printing press device put pressures on an inked surface resting upon a press medium.A machine used to create text on a paper or cloth. Warehouse: A place where raw materials and finished products can be kept for their safety.Warehouse is the place which helps in keeping production process fast without any hindrance by applying the function of right time at right place to right person.In short it can be said as commercial building for storage of goods.Warehouses are used by manufactures,exporters,importers and wholesalers. Wholesaler:The imtermediary who buys in bulk and sell to retailers rather than the ultimate consumers.It involves the activities of jobbing or distributing the goods or merchandise to retailers.Wholesaler purchase in high volume to improve their purchasing power.They deals in computers,bicycle,transportation.Main aim is to buy in huge bulk and provide only to retailers. There are many Industrial products in tricity chandigarh,panchkula and mohali which can easily be searched on web.
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