What is SabOnClick?

SabOnClick is an online search engine founded by Indian entrepreneurs which are emerging as a probable competitor in the field of providing all the necessary contacts and information to the customers and thus enabling them to gain access over each and every kind of service.

Is the information verified? 

If you are wondering about the degree of verification and authentication of the information available with us, you need not worry because it is hand-picked as well as verified.

Are you not getting the expected results for your searches? Are you facing a lot of problems because you are unable to access us properly?

  • How will you reach the information?
  • When and where?
  • Is the information available for small shops too?
  • Is the information reliable completely?

How will you derive and reach the information? There are 3 simple ways for you to fetch the information and thus go for the way which suits your preference the most.

  1. Visit us at sabonclick.com and find all button on the left side of the search box. You can then select the particular category whose information you are seeking. You will get a list to choose from.
  2. You can call on our customer care number - 78500-785000 and can hence converse with our customer care executive to obtain the further guidance of operation.
  3. You can also download our application from the Google Play Store (Android users) as well as the App Store (ios users) at zero cost.

When and where?

Because nobody does it like a proper search engine and we at SabOnClick work to enlist the information of each and every working enterprise within Tricity for your convenience. All you need to do is select the location whose information are you seeking.

Is the information available for small shops too?

This customer portal includes the information of a small shop vendor to a large-scale businessman. All is available under one roof. You just need to identify the category of your need and thus search accordingly.

What is the reliability of the information?

The information available on the website is fully verified and therefore trustable. Each and every venture and contact is called upon by our executives as per the enquiry of the customers which is followed by sending a text message containing all the contact details and address information using our own Tele caller software to the customers. There is no point of the information being false.

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